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I love Spring anywhere, but if I could choose I would always greet it in the garden. - Ruth Stout

After a beautiful snowy Maine winter, we are excited to greet the Spring in our own gardens this year. March is passing quickly as we survey the Stone Yard out the windows of the shop. The melting snow and spring rain are making things pretty muddy and some of the bins of materials are still quite wet and frozen. As hopeless as it seems right now, in two weeks things will look a lot better. The forecast for the next 10 days shows warm temperatures. Soon we will be receiving our first shipments of fresh materials and opening the doors for Spring customers!

What's new?

Well! We have been adjusting to a lot of changes over the last two years and we have been working on ways to better serve our customers despite fewer staff and a lack of qualified drivers. We are expanding our shop hours to help customers who can pick up products directly and we plan to have some delivery available — we will utilize our team whenever possible and lean on the next generation. Beginning in May, our son Elias will be making deliveries, helping out with loading customers in the yard and working to cover our Saturday hours. Our daughter, Emelia, will be on deck also. She will be manning the shop on Saturday mornings as well. Be sure to check back for our official Opening Day and up-to-date Spring hours. Also coming soon, our updated Spring Price List and New Bulk Garden Supply products!

See you soon,

The Team at Cosmic Stone and Garden Supply