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We're excited to be back and have already begun taking orders for deliveries.  ​Back this year are all of your old favorites:  Maine Dark Bark Mulch, Bisson's Super Compost and Loam, Pennsylvania Irregular Bluestone, and all of the same products we had throughout last summer.

Mulch:  We have three types, none of which have colorants or dyes.  You may have heard some big box stores guaranteeing red or black mulch colors for an entire year due to more colorant being added.  We couldn't get further from that mentality if we tried.  We use all-natural Maine mulches that come from as far away as Rumford.  Our Maine Dark Bark was the most popular last year as it has less wood fiber and more bark to stay darker as the summer goes on. We also offer a 50/50 Mulch/Organic Compost mix for soils that need more nutrients and an Aged Hemlock that is super-fine and settles to a rich cocoa color.

Composts: Bisson's Super Compost from Bisson's farm in Topsham has been a top seller at Cosmic Stone for nearly a decade (for good reason).  Our MOFGA Certified Organic Compost is also back this year. The same compost is used in the 50/50 Mulch noted above.

Aggregates:  We have brown and grey for both 3/4" and 1/2" stone.  We also carry a very popular 2-4" River Rock for a unique look.  Gravel, stone dust, and reclaim are also available.

Stone Products:  Irregular Bluestone has been a great product for us as we found a supplier that has been able to send us very similar thicknesses, allowing homeowners and landscapers to install their patios or walkways with greater ease.  Instead of significantly modifying your base for each stone, keeping them similar in thickness really helps.  Our Patio-In-A-Box is back again this year $875 covering the stone and all of the base products you need to create your own 130-140' area.  Double that area for $1,595.  Prices include delivery within 25 miles.  We have more than a dozen pallets to choose from.

Stone birdbaths, granite tables, granite planters, all in different sizes, are throughout the yard for when you are looking for a unique yard piece or perhaps the perfect gift.  Our selection is always changing as we make all of these products in our yard in Topsham.  Don't see exactly what you want, let us know.

Cosmic Stone and Garden Supply has been your local stop for the highest quality gardening and landscaping supplies since 2007.  We specialize in offering a variety of all-natural, Maine based products as well as the expertise to help with your landscape project.  We offer several mulch products, a variety of stone sold individually or by the pallet, as well as compost, loam, and other aggregates.

Our yard is constantly refreshed to provide you with what you need, when you need it.  We use the same suppliers for our products all season long so the mulch you buy in May will match what you need to spruce things up in August.  We can load your truck or trailer with as little as a half-yard or bring you up to 10 yards of any mulch, 6 yards of any loam or stone product with our own delivery truck.

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